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Miles #6840

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DESCRIPTION: MILES 6840-TDS, Non-regulated

MILES #6840 Economical Concentrated Paint & Powder Coat Stripper

MILES #6840 is a Green, Economical Concentrated stripping solution used to strip all types of coatings from Aluminum, Steel, Stainless and Brass. Utilize MILES 6840 at 50% with water in a stainless steel or polypropylene immersion tank at 140F. to 160F. Strip time; 3-mils of cured powder coating or Aluminum Rim Clear Coat only, is usually removed in 15 minutes to 1-hour in a heated immersion tank. Automotive color coated wheel coatings may take up to 5-6 hours to strip at 160F.

If you would prefer operating at room temperature, to remove powder coating only, let parts set in the solution for 6 hours to overnight at room temperature. Parts or hooks are then rinsed, dried and reprocessed through the paint or powder coating system. OEM, wet-applied cured Automotive Wheel Coatings require heat to remove, i.e. BMW factory coatings).

We offer no free samples however, we do sell small 1-Gallon & 5-Gallon containers for your evaluation.



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